Impress My Guests

Which of these tasks would like us to do in your 3 hour purchase?


Here is a suggested task list for the Impress My Guests service. You should talk to your tech regarding your priority tasks. It is recommended to send your task requests online in advance. Its pretty simple, just login to your account.

Bedrooms, Living Room, Common Areas

Lightly dust all reachable surfaces with 6 ft extension
Wipe all mirrors and glass fixtures
Empty trash cans
Clean floors
3 beds made


Wash and sanitize faucets, toilets, tubs and showers
Lightly dust accessible surfaces
Wipe down mirrors
Clean floors
Empty trash cans


Lightly dust all accessible surfaces with a 6 ft extension
Clean floors
Wipe down appliances (exterior)
Clean microwave(interior)
Clean(empty) sink
Clean counter tops
Empty trash cans

This service option does not include dusting blinds and baseboards. You may choose to add hours to request this task by clicking on the Extra button.

Please click here to call us if you need help figuring out how much time you need  module Advanced settings.