The 10 Best Cleaning Hacks to Use Around the House

Cleaning the kitchen can be a tedious, time-consuming, and sometimes costly chore. So, it makes sense to use cleaning hacks. The reason for this is obvious enough. Since the kitchen is where you prepare your meals, you need to do more than a bit of vacuuming to keep...

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How to Clean Window Tracks

Window tracks can become grimy as they accumulate dirt and moisture. Though it may seem like a very trivial thing to do, cleaning your window tracks is actually very important as they become unsightly over time. Watch this video to know a few simple tips to clean this...

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The New Year is Upon Us – Cleaning After

The Holiday Season is over and it was definitely fun while it lasted. Food, drinks, family, and friends have left, but the onerous task of cleaning up is what remains. While most guests will lend a hand in spot cleaning after a party, more elbow grease is needed to...

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How to Clean Silver Without Using Chemicals

Silver is all around us, from jewelry to the utensils we use in the kitchen. However, silver can easily corrode over time. As much as you want to keep spotless, using chemicals for silver doesn't come off as good practice at all. In fact, certain chemicals can...

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Resolutions – 2019

New Year is not New Year without making a few resolutions.  Of course, if you have followed your 2018 resolutions, do keep it up. Then again, you can always make life a bit more fun by adding new items to your list of resolutions for 2019. However, it’s important to...

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How To Clean Your Microwave

Nothing brings out the flavor of food quite like heating it inside a microwave. Still, if you have been using your microwave for quite some time now, you can smell different food mixed together and render your meals unappetizing. You will have to keep your microwave...

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